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In this holy wonder that finds us, our senses become acute to the varied, distinctions of each and every thing. All the different sizes, colors and designs come alive again, as we open ourself to embrace the entirety of our Self. The wide open space of our Heart allows the rush of Living Love to flow through, surging, taking us like a river. We are touching directly this Living Presence being Life Itself. This brings a clarity and sharpness to us, seeing the Light of the Ineffable, right here, as this world we are. This Awareness we are is the Infinite Reality of Life being the light of this world, of you and me. An intuitive, sensitive alertness of a new kind develops. Inevitably, the wonder is how we could have been so closed as to miss these things before. The Heart is open, perception becomes clear, the world radiates with poetic beauty in and as all that is. As we live this Mystical Knowing of our Identity, our senses become keen and discerning. We can enjoy this world of multi-faceted wondrous distinctions, we can delight in the bountiful expressions of the Divine. This is freedom. It is here in the re-discovery of knowing who we are without a shadow of doubt. This Eternal Light of All That is, is our very own self. There is no other – It is Here, just like this, as the very Identity we are. Yes, yes, love always.