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I do love this world. You and I, we are playing in the fields of the Infinite, Timeless, Divine Mind. Now that is the Real magical mystery trip. We are bestowed with this Divine Living Trust. We can trust it. It is ours. We are It’s Child and we are taken care of. How beautiful to feel Life alive as You and Me. This whole, total, monumental experience of Life itself is the Light of God being the Presence of our Self-knowing awareness. It’s perfectly here, totally and fully aware of being here. Certainly, there comes an unbound joy with Knowing this Living Presence is forever and always our eternal Identity. The world is not going anywhere and neither are you nor I. Some of the most learned scientists are beginning to realize this too. As they move into the quantum worlds, exploring the universe from the micro to the macro – they have discovered what the ancients have always known; they are observing their very own Self. We can feel the sweet vibrations of Life. As if God is singing a Love Song. And we are the essential part of this Divine Symphony. The miracles are undeniable – the beautiful way a wrong note struck leads to the right note found. We know when we hear it. The Song of Life is Who and What we are. We are this world we walk through. We feel Its irresistible surge of Love. It is perfection, it is wonderful.