Posted by on Jan 12, 2020 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Inside Outside

The Beauty we see is the Beauty we be. No doubt here. We are the world we walk through. The inside is the outside. As above so below. We are the living Light, the totality of the receptive Heart which intuits a divine, super-sensible inversion of things. We understand and in the Light of this understanding the two become one. We become whole, we see our world wholly, and we see it is holy. It proves itself to us all the time. When we find the Child of ourself, we find the Divine Equation and we Live It. Now we look out at the world and we see wonder and delight everywhere in everything. It becomes evident that this entire experience of Life is subjective. There is no intermediary between our Identity and God/Life Itself. One wise man, who understood the subjective view of his own selfhood, said “As I be lifted, my world is lifted.” And it is true. So we live our joy and wonder despite the appearing, despite the world’s mischief and mayhem. Then we find that we cannot live any other way, nor would we ever choose to. Being in love, we are in love with all of it, just the way it is. There is nothing that needs be changed or fixed in any way. We are the Living Faith and in this Understanding there is magic here, to see the sparkling beauty in your eyes, it is the Light of Life and it is who you are.