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In order to stay steady and balanced as we go through this world, we need to always be moving. Balance cannot be maintained without movement. Balanced gracefully, we are in tune with this Life. We live in the sweet spot, in the middle, right between this objective world of tangibility and the subjective, unseen, Supernal All. We dance with Life, we move with the changes in this tangible existence. We find this core of Identity within us. It is centered, and keeps moving, alive, perfectly balanced, but never still. This is the Child, the Dancer, dancing gently to the rhythm of Life. This agile, flexible, youthful Self of ourself is able to move naturally, simply, easily through this tangible-time experience, while remaining steady in the Changeless Presence. We dance with God Itself, we move with the Divine Flow. We feel the rhythm of Life, tango and twirl to this Divine Love Song. The Child is strong, resilient and graceful. The Child is the Dancer that lives within our Heart, able to feel, hear, sense, move with this Song of Life. Steady and open we feel the harmony of Love taking us. We are willing, giving into the changes in tempo, feeling the mysterious beat of Life. Once we find this Balance, which is our honest Nature of Being, it is our Joy to dance, to skip and leap, bend and dip in perfect tune with this Love Song of Forever.