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No one is outside of Life. Life is All That Is. It has no opposite. We are the Light, the Heart, the ageless, timeless Soul of this Eternal Child. We are living here in the world of time and matter, a necessary temporal bit of experience that allows us to really know and know we know. That is where the real Joy happens, when say “Thank god for the lesson that I thought was real, but then found it wasn’t real at all.” Each and everyone of us is a beautiful expression of the Divine experiencing a world of ongoing relationship so that we can really know, then to Live as the Unbound Beauty we really are. How very magical this sweet Life is. The Joy of Living, interconnected, up close, open to the Mystery, trusting in the Infinite Totality and Allness of Life. While we are here on this journey of time-space-matter, we can truly find our joyful freedom. it is here as the Child, the very Soul of us. Your Soul, is always yours, always you. You and me, we are the Light of Life of Something Divine, living this world of magic. We discover, uncover, recognize our Light and Beauty when we find the unconditioned Child we are. We are living the limitless joy of Infinity, the radiant splendor of existence – always in Love. And the Beauty shines, right here, just the way you are –