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Sparkling silver rain drops gleam like diamonds in the morning sun. Pinks and azures arrive in the evening sunset, unbidden by anyone. We see rainbows in the sky, full of light and color, real rainbows, intangible glimmering reflections. This world is a vision, an idea seeping out of an Unknowable Divine Magic, the Infinite Presence, God Itself. We live as the reflection of this Love, fractals of light shining out of the Divine Mystery. We are the tangible view of this world of Immeasurable Light, invisible Dark Matter, God is here, appearing as this world of you and me. Everything is as chimerical as a rainbow. As illusory as a mirage glimmering on hot desert sands. It is real but it cannot be held. This entire world is like the radiant prism of light, the spectrum cast upon the wall, projected through the etherial beauty of a multi-faceted beveled glass window. We are captive of the infrared, slipping through the ultraviolet, dancing in the arms of the Divine Presence, in the Light of Its Luminous Love. What is this within us that catches the sunbeam’s ray and feels its golden peaceful warmth. Our world appears out of an Everlasting Light we cannot see because It is in our eyes, Real for you and me, now and always. We are the love song we cannot hold but a song we hear and know, telling us of Something Real that Lives as the bright and glimmering Soul of our Self.