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I woke up to pink balloons. I think it’s a party. An ode to joy with cake and champagne and pretty paper packages tied with bright ribbons of mystery. How beautiful the morning light. It rained all night, the earth is soaked in wet beauty, my garden looks very happy, sparkling green under the silver sky. Rain or shine, it’s always raining joy. The Mystery of It all is so marvelous. That Life will do what it does the way It does, with or without our intellectual opinions on the matter. That tells me Something and what it tells me makes my heart sing with Freedom. So it is that we can all celebrate this Adventure of Living this Illumined journey of our Self. Listening to the melody of rain drops falling while breathing in the sweet scent of wet earth, I sense the energetic happiness coming from the trees and green sprouts. It is all in perfect balance. The enlivened shoots push upward, strong and vital toward the sunshine and sky, as the roots move deep down, stable in the rich soil. There is a Real and Divine Intelligence Living as You and Me, as Life Itself. Nature is in perfect harmony with the Divine Equation of giving and receiving. We open our Hearts to fall gently into the rhythm of this Harmonious Way. We dance and play in tune with the One Masterful Maestro.