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Elvis certainly had a heavenly, charming, seductive voice. We are all a part of Life’s Love Song. We are all expressions of It’s glorious, multi-faceted, blessed ways. We are the Living Light of this Holy and Divine Dichotomy. Life is so enchanting. The paradox becomes understood as the Wholeness of What Is. The two become one and All is seen for the True Love It is. We are the Living love song, the very essence of Life. An absolute Reality is the Primary Principle of All That is. Nothing is outside of this One and Only Totality of Self Knowing Awareness. It is without beginning, it is always here, always was, always will be. It is Always being our Identity. Life is Awareness Itself. We are the Living Presence of the Ineffable All, engaged in the joyful delights of Itself. We are the dance of Life, living this Celestial Song. We are imbued with this Divine Intelligence – we know when the notes and chords are harmonious and when they are not. We are given a discerning Heart. Discord and inharmony exist as an aspect of Love. We can thank the discord for leading us back to the good vibrations, the consonance in tune, the melody filled with notes that ring with a clear, honest and true sound. We feel it, we know, we hear It in our heart – and we know.