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Yes, the old man wants to negate and he refuses to see beyond the limits of his fearful beliefs. The old man sees the world through the eyes of the conditioned, adult-erated, false beliefs. His stale and restricted view keeps him swirling in the eddies along the edges of this Ever Glorious Divine River of Life. Well, the Child can return if we want it to. It will take us out of those shallows, take us off the sand bar, and puts us back into the Joy of Knowing first hand, right up close – and Living fully immersed in the Infinite holy waters of the River. The River is always right here, It is this Wonder-World of Being that we are. The Child knows Itself in the Light of Living Wholeness. The Child is unrestricted, living above and beyond the indoctrination foisted on society by the rules of an old limited, encapsulated view. But oh how sweet Life is, it is all Love, all Good, right here – we all have this Liberating Child of Light within us. No one is here who does not have this Unbound Self awaiting to be uncovered, to live again. One by one we find the Child and we are set free. We discover for ourself what a grand pillar of strength the Child is. And we are shown what to do and how to do it – and we do, yes we do