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Hot Toddies and Joy, everything about Christmas is symbolic. Enjoy the Evergreens, they remind us of Eternal Life – that in the dead of winter, in the darkest times – Life Lives. The branches and pine needles of precious scent, tell us the Tree of Life is inseparable from all the individual, distinct aspects, parts and pieces of Itself. There to remind us our Individuality is essential to the Whole and Total Isness of the Divine. The branches circle around and spiral upward leading to one tiny single point where the Angel stands, a place only one Angel wide, reserved just for you. And from that highest place, alone, all yours, the Angel oversees its own magnificence, it’s all inclusive radiant beauty. And the beguiling, exciting, wonders of gifts wrapped in glittering paper with red ribbons tied, perhaps they symbolize the heart that awaits to be unbound, opened with Love, wherein we discover a treasure we had longed for. So much brilliance in the story, the holy Light in the night, star bright to guide us home. In the golden warmth of flames, the Yule log, candles, and oil lamps of the ancients, as the Druids would celebrate with bon fires, that their singing festive music and joy in cold darkness would call the light to return. And it did. The meaning of the Christ Child born in a manger, is a story telling us of the pure pristine Child we are. The Child is born to us, nestled in the safe stable, the unpretentious natural, honest beauty of our Heart. The Child is our pure Self, the anointed Knowing Self. We follow the Star, like the wise men, as it calls to us and leads us to the realization that the Savior is our Self, right here – always was and always will be.