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I thought it was metaphor too, when I first heard about this “Child Within.” However, I trusted William Samuel, knowing he would not write a 400 page book, 40 years after his other books, unless is was something very important. I kept trusting myself as read that book. I followed my heart and those sweet moments of grand realizations. It took me some time, but somehow, I still don’t know how, I was joyfully transformed by the discovery of the Child. There is no doubt It is Real and It is within. And it is so much more wonderful, joyful, alive, carefree and really here, than anything I thought ‘enlightenment’ was – so I don’t call it enlightenment. I don’t care what it is, I’ll take it. It proves Itself by Living it – so I live It. It’s real. It liberated me, honest and true. And nothing could hold me back from writing that book “Barefoot at Heart- the Alchemy of Love and Power of Light” – I continue to pour forth with this Unbridled Joy that found me – It Is Me. Calling It “the Child” comes as close to the Real Nature of this Knowing than all the other words that have been used for the holy experience. It is an experience made especially for each of us. It is uniquely ours, because It Is all about the discovery of our very Divine Blueprint, ours alone. That’s how you know It is Real because you know You when you find Your Self. The Child is Living the Divine Presence, free and easy. It Knows It’s Immortal Beauty, It abides no rules, we can’t apply any concepts to It. It is your own beautiful Self come back to alive again. It is yours, all yours – you’ll recognize It when It comes to you.