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“Sparkles” by Sandy Jones

It’s very cold out this evening. A perfect night to get some logs burning n my fireplace. The warm blaze and the crackling sounds of the flames brings a sweet peace. Love is the feeling of peace. I love being in love with Life, loving this divine adventure, wherever it leads, whatever transpires. The joyful surprises show up for us when we are balanced and peaceful, living from the heart, open and vulnerable, alive to it all, without fear. The tender beauty of the heart that lives wide open, has no fear of being broken. It is soft and pliable, moving without rules, it has no resistance to the ways of this world. This Love lives in acceptance of the way things are. This heart knows it will all work out the way it is meant to, one way or another. Love needs no practice, no formula, no philosophy, no religion to show it the way. This very heart within us, is alive with the love that needs nothing because the heart is sacred and filled with the energy of eternal Light. We are the Living Wonder of an unfathomable Mystery. We unleash the heart to let it move with the flow of the Living Joy of Life – we are Life, we are Love – this is who we are – this is It –