Posted by on Dec 26, 2019 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Green Sprigs

It rained all night. This morning the Topa Topa Mountains had a beautiful white sprinkling of snow. I can see the mountains from my house. Now it’s getting cloudy and misty again – maybe more rain. All the little green shoots and sprigs of jade green grass are coming up, along with the paperwhite narcissus. That’s the flower for December birthdays. And all of my citrus trees are adorned with lemons, tangerines and oranges. Looks like everyone is happy and doing well. The Divine Intelligence of Life really is Love and this exuberant Life force is the Foundation of All That Is. Whatever It is, I’d say It knows very well how to take good care of All of Itself, which includes you and me. It is a world of blooming wonders, all here – and that makes my heart light and joyful – I see no need to worry, Life is All That is, and Life thrives with the pulsing Intelligence of the action of Living – and so, indeed, all is well.