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The Freedom that I speak of, is the freedom from the conditioned thinking, the restricted view that is based in the standardized false beliefs. The Child sees Life from the unobstructed view, an expansive perception that brings us the freedom from fear. In this clear Light Awareness we discover there really is no death. We know who we are, we know what is Real, we know Life has no opposite. The Child understands that the appearance of change confirms the Joyful Fact of this Ever Present Changeless Divine Principle we are. When we discover our Original, Pristine Self, we live from the Heart of It’s unconditioned Innocence. We find the true security that is not in the tangible things, not in the world of time and matter – but is in the direct Knowing within our Heart. When fear of Life is gone, we are free to Live in the fullness and unbound Joy of Living. This is the freedom of Love. Freedom from fear is the very nature of the Child. We find the Real Freedom that Lives wholly here in Love with the sweet Presence of Life Itself..