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You know, it’s the nature of all things, giving and receiving. Life is the Divine Equation. The trees give to the air, the air gives to you and me, the rain gives to the soil, the soil gives to the roots, the roots grow the trees, the sun shines the light, light brings warmth and the seeds bloom flowers – and Love is in the air. And so it goes. Everything is in the Ongoing Flow of giving and receiving. This Light of Divine Intelligence, giving and receiving, always was and always will be. This Light of Life is Here, flowing as and Presence being all that Is. This Light is the Light of inflowing and outgoing Information, Self knowing Awareness, All That Is, our Identity as You and Me. Being wide open, interfacing with this Divine Flow of Light, we feel the power of It’s Love moving freely through us. We receive and recognize It as the unbound, unindoctrinated, unconditioned, pure, inspired insight, clarity – a true realization. Whatever name it goes by, It is the knowing Light of Something real and true, something healing and liberating, we know it when it happens. When we stay open to the Flow of Life’s Light, these Glimpses often arrive unexpectedly. This Illumination comes to us, little by little, percept upon precept. The Truth flows joyfully, liberating us slowly, but eventually to Live this sweet and simple Way of the Child. We Flow with the Beauty of these divine insights, letting them pour out into our world as we receive them, live them, comprehend and confirm them. This is part of the Mystery of the Equation.