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Dear Santa, thank you for all the wondrous gifts you brought us. Mostly thank you for this gift of childlikeness. We will treasure this for always. It is simply divine. We won’t lose It, we will keep it with us and wear it with great love, knowing it came from you. We’ll let it shine its gentle, tender beauty wherever we go. We will wear it here, close to our heart, to remind us who we really are. The gift of our Self, the one who sees the sparkle of silver tassels all year, the one who hears the laughter of angels every day. This divine Child we are, who lives with the senses open and alive to Life, tasting it all, feeling it all and enjoying the amazing magic of every moment. We will delight in the sweet Simplicity of this wonderful world. We need nothing more than this, the Child, the one who feels the gentle Love of Christmas within the heart, always. We know this gift of the Child’s Joy and Wonder is not tied to the situations we find ourself in. We know that matter is powerless over the Unbound Spirit we are. Nothing can stop the Child from living and singing her own unique love song, as we play and laugh, out here, in the Meadow, untouched by the confines of time and space.