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It’s been raining a little the last few days. Today seems to be clearing, the sky is bright and blue with some billowing white clouds moving along. This morning was misty and wet and there were lots of happy little birds dancing and chirping in the garden. Life is Intelligence, It always seeks the golden mean. The very nature of the Divine is to return to balance. It’s coded with the Eternal blue print that moves all things. Life is beautiful, more especially so, when the human does not try to manipulate things out of conditioned fear based beliefs. Love and Trust in Life will prove Itself as we Live It. Understanding that Life Is Divine Intelligence Living and unfolding as you and me, we can see for ourself how all things restore themselves to their inherent rightness, whatever that might appear to be. The wonders of our experience of the world are mystical and magic and so rich with harmony and beauty. All here as our own journey of Self discovery. Every winter, here in Ojai, I am just dazzled by the trees in my garden, bedecked with tangerines, lemons and oranges. I will forever be enchanted with this vision of colorful citrus decorating the twinkling green branches in December. And with the gentle rains we have had, soon the jasmine and the narcissus will bloom. Nothing quite as sumptuous as breathing in the bliss of those flower’s sweet fragrance eagerly bursting into bloom