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After all, we find that all the words being spoken and written in the name of Truth are as nothing compared to our own experienced interface with Reality—inside and outside. We have come to know the true nature of our Identity. We understand God’s allness really is all. And without a doubt, we touch this Reality. In the Light of this Understanding, we Live fully alive to this Presence of All That Is. Nothing to fix, nothing to change – but yet, now we know what to do and how to do it. Not losing sight of our Self, we find this ease of balance that allows us to move through life fearlessly. We find the Child we are, unencumbered and free. We are filled with this uninhibited joy that bubbles from an infinite well spring of Life. Knowing what we are not, we know fully what we are. The Life we are is not in the body and this Life we are never dies. Experiencing this interface with Reality, we come alive, eager with desire to express this amazing recovery of the Child, as we Live again. Oh yes, we do live again, ignited by this flame of uninhibited broadcasting. We feel the magic and joyful wonder of our existence. We Live fearlessly, without denial of this experience of time and matter – now, seeing it all for the divine story that leads us to rediscover the Living Light of Truth and the Child we are.