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One day it all became sweet and easy. My friend William Samuel, whom I trusted to be in the know of things, he told me to remember who I was as a child. I recalled that as a child I was certainly not seeking – I was living – sweetly, directly living Life. As a child, I was feeling Life, my senses were acute and I was feeling it all without any mental anguish, worries or fear in-between me and my world. As a child I was not guilty, I was not worried, I was not concerned with the world, with politics, with the news, nor did I feel responsible for the world. Just by remembering that adorable little girl, that bold and joyful little girl came alive again. This was It. This was what I had been seeking but I didn’t realize it. I felt like I’d come home. Just like that. I fell deeply in love with Life again. This time knowing that what had been returned to me was so much more real and closer to me than whatever I’d thought ‘enlightenment’ was. The Child has access to Divine Intelligence and she always shows us the way through our time in the world. Living in this Flow of Honest Light, It proves Itself to us. We see our world as a happy, magical experience, and a marvelous ongoing adventure of Love.