Posted by on Nov 28, 2019 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Words

Words are so very powerful. We can change our world with the words we use, for better or for worse. We see the angry, divisive words out there in our world as they proliferate through the internet. People seem to think they are detached from the words they write, that they can lie and hurt others because they can’t be seen. But, in truth, we release or imprison ourself by our own words. That’s how it works. We are the world we walk through. It is best to lift our world up by our words. I am lifted by this sweet flow of Love passing between God, my heart and the world out there. Anyone can find their heart and live from their own interface with God. Then to let those heartfelt visions between you and the Divine move through and out into the world. We bring the Truth we have found through the words that lift the veil of misperception and allow others to claim their divine heritage, and live the fullness of the Light of Self-Knowing, fearless and wholly true to our heart. it’s getting easier to understand that the only way to see our world as the Balanced Perfect Vessel It Really Is, is to live this Balanced Beauty we Really Are, right here, in our own individual way. We are already on holy ground and the heaven is at hand. Claim your rightful place and don’t hide your Light. We be it, we see it.