Posted by on Nov 30, 2019 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Wonderment

Holy hallelujah. Somewhere in time, we begin to feel the Child as it enlivens us and lifts our heart into freedom and joy. The Child is our Soul, it is our twin Self that lives beyond the limits of time, it is like the photon, everywhere at once. This twin Self, is our original Self, the pure, unconditioned, unbound, infinite Self. It is here with us, always, moving through this tangible world of time and space, and permeating the entire universe, both at once – even as we live completely unaware of It’s expanse. It is bringing us information, Real information, the Truth, what is – as opposed to accepted beliefs that are not real and not true. This Child of Light lifts ours sights and allows us to see this world scene with raw tender wonderment and understanding. We feel the goodness, the beauty, the magic of this world, we are touched by the mystery of it all – when the Child is found, recognized and experienced here in the world.