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Revelations shine within us. The heart knows that power, force and control is not going to bring anything right or good. As my friend William Samuel said in his prophetic book “The Child Within Us Lives!” – “People are individually willing to adjust, as their intuitions and feelings come into focus, but the controlling groups to which they belong, are vigorously holding to the old ways, refusing to listen┬áto the New Sounds within. Either the institutions of mankind adjust to allow men to change mental course, or there will be a sociological anguish unparalleled in human history.” I think that means most especially don’t submit to the propaganda and fear. Don’t subjugate yourself to the inanity of those who have been put on a pedestal of political power, believing themselves to be kings and potentates. We are seeing how essential it is to turn around and come back to trust the Light within our very own divine Individuality, alone – to reclaim our Real Identity, trust Life and stand in our Divine Intelligence and God given joyful Freedom. From Here, living from the Balance found within our own authority, the rest is an Infinite Adventure of Love. We Live and learn, but the learning is, apparently, optional to many. Take it or leave it. Joyfully, Life is Love and Love let’s us Live it our way, for better or worse, anyway we want. It makes no difference to Life, the Infinite Light of Love, the Changeless Presence of God. Follow your heart, it will lead you to this is Divine Freedom and That is the Way of Real Love –