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“Rose Garden”

There is something real here. It is steady and true. It is this tender understanding that makes life so much easier. It is a powerful knowing, here in the very soul of us, the core of our being. This is our Self before the world was, the Child of us, innocent and timeless, found again, right here in the world. This Child is open and alive to the everlasting beauty of this Life we are. Life Itself is not beholden to anyone or anything in this world. Life is the Light of our Soul. This Life is ungovernable and free. Most amazing of all, this Life we are is absolutely Real, totally Real and Forever Real. Knowing this, is powerful. When we realize the Beauty of this, we unloosen the anchor, hoist the sails, turn on the engines, get the propellers spinning – we are sailing, soaring with the winds, moving on the waves of this wild sea of Infinite Love. And we know how to sail, we know how to ride, we know how to glide. We know the Light that guides the way. We feel the steady strength of this Holy Ballast, assured and true within us. We are filled with the billowing, beauty of Life, lifted up, blown aloft by the marvelous wonder of our Being. We are set free, our hair blown wild, our feet lifted off the ground, we are children again, thriving, carefree, right here in this Glorious Joy we are. We fly higher, ever higher, while never losing our bearings as we move through this Immaculate Heart of our Self.