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The archer shoots for the stars, sights aimed high, arms connected to the heart, touched by the light of Venus. Pulling with the strength that comes straight from this inner crucible of Love. Powerful and taut, holding tight – then the moment, the surge of release, let it go, let it go, let it fly, flying free – oh sweet Lord, it flys so high, so very high, that swift driving arrow propelled in majesty, racing though the cosmic glory. Dear heart, I thank you for this most glorious, sometimes painful, but always marvelous adventure of Life. I have loved every moment of It all – yes, even that, oh, and that, and yes, that too. I have leaped into this Unbound Love, into this deep, Illimitable expanse of the Divine, Uncontained Mind of Infinite Life being all I am. Good fortune it is, to be under the influence, joyfully frolicking here, in celebration of the revolution, round and round in the twirling dance of laughter, and the warm glow that never leaves me. And for the delights of a pink champagne toast to my benevolent Jupiter as he spins his magic through my very own wild untamed Universe of Love – It’s big, its huge, beyond comprehension. Dear Life of my Life, I’ve fallen into the blessed destiny of Faith and Beauty. It takes my hand, here within me, I find the very Soul of Unending Love that leads the way.