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“Magic” by Sandy Jones

How wondrous this world of ours. The pure Light of Love always shows up to make things clear. This temperate angel of my Life is the Presence of an everlasting unfolding process of the Divine Illimitable Light. Ours is the Joy of Self discovery and the childlike Wonder of Living It. Easy does it. Here, within, we find the fullness of this world and the heavenly freedom from fear. How very remarkable Love is, when we Live it straight from the Heart. For the Way is tender, defenseless and simple. It is the carefree, unencumbered, holy bliss of a divine Love that finds us. it is to watch the sunlight dance with the breeze that moves and sparkles the flickering leaves of the eucalyptus trees. And I fall in love, deeply, totally, completely in love. I am embraced by this Infinite Beauty that has found me.