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“China Cove” by Sandy Jones

So rich and wonderful this Life is. Let the Heart of us be willing, curious, interested, eager to learn, like a child. We feel the freedom to live, as we trust Life, trust this world of ours. We are not responsible for this Infinite Presence that is here being this Life we are. In childlike laughter and delight, I am willing, balanced, easy, moving with this Divine Ocean of Life Itself. Living without fear. And we touch this Unassailable Beauty that Life Is. Life is Love being you and me. We are sailing the vast expanse of this turquoise sea of Divine Eternity. We let Life take us, we are in Love, nothing matters, we let it be what it will be. Life is all this, right here, ever here, always here. It is perfectly here and it never leaves or forsakes us. We are the Living Light of the thundering energy of Infinite Mind. I have found the gentle balance, the peaceful, buoyant grace of spirit, letting It move me, fearless and easy with childlike enthusiasm and happy expectations for whatever might be. Life is being All That Is. There is no other Self but Life. We are It’s wild sailors, adventuring, exploring the vast and timeless realms of this Wonder World of Love. We are sailing on the wide open sea of the very Life and Light of our own sublime Self Knowing, our very own Living Infinite Beauty.