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“The Meadow” by Sandy Jones

Totalitarian governments, right or left, all disparage God. Why? Because when we know that God is the One and Only Reality, then we simultaneously know the Powerful Light we are. When we know who we are, we become our own authority, strong and sovereign. We have no need for outside organizations to control us. We find that God is the Divine Intelligence Being this Identity we are. We are God’s Self Knowing Awareness as Life Itself, right here, right now. When we know that Life is the Living Presence of God and God is this Consciousness we are, then we think for ourself, we are wise and discerning, not fooled by lies, propaganda or indoctrination. This Life we are is the Supernal Principle being All in all, there is no other. To know this Light of Life we are, is to know the Joy of this God given Freedom we are. When we know that God is Life Itself, then we know what Love is and we live our fearless freedom as this Love, right here in the world. Human governments become powerless when each of us makes our own Self discovery – when we find God, we find ever unfolding gift of our Real Identity and the Unbound Joy of Living.