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In the middle of duality and non-duality, we find this third, all inclusive piece of the divine Equation. It fits perfectly and it works like magic. The puzzle is complete. The Third piece is the Self of our self, our grand and marvelous expansively glorious, unlimited Self. We discover the Child, the Original of us, the pure, innocent, guiltless Soul of our Self – and we Live Again. We come alive to Life, with Life, fully, totally here, knowing who we are. Right here in the tangible world, the Original is attainable. The Child of us takes our hand and shows us the way into ongoing Wonders after Wonders. All is revealed intuitively on the wings of Light. We find ourselves knowing without effort. Certainly not what I had expected, but so much more than I could have dreamed. We can’t do anything for the confusion and complexity of this world without the honest Light of Real Understanding and genuine Guiding Peace that resides within us, Here as the Heart of our Self, the Original Child we are