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The Holy Maestro spins the tune, plays the Music of the Spheres. One day we realize we are this Song of Joy, now sensing the cosmic rhythm, beguiled by the tacit interlude, moving to the tempo of peace. We have Soul, rock and roll, we are the Holy Balance, the essential bridge in the wholeness of this Living Song. We are ensconced in the ephemeral ongoing beauty of One Supernal Eternal Symphony of Love. We get to dance to the ebb and flow of the Song’s ever-present rhythm. Our Soul is resonating, reverberating as the Invisible strings, the perfect chord, like chapel bells ringing with the holy communion of Love. The harmony resounds in the soundless moment, the silent powerful force of beauty, the easy rest, languishing peacefully in the stream of this ever moving vibrancy of ourself as the Self Knowing of this Divine Being. The melody embracing the silent poetry of Life’s sensual sway, touching, holding close in the quiet lullaby, the peaceful rest, unending Song of Life. Feeling the sweet idyll of a heart beat, the deep breath of a tender pause, the whispered sound of the sweet repose as we sing our Song, God and Us in our two part harmony, fully assured we are perfectly in tune with this Song of Life Itself.