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We have this inner guide, the guru within us, the Light that reveals that we cannot and do not control Life. Life is forever and always free. It is untamed and boundless, and cannot be captured. Life is the Light of Intelligence being you and me, being this Life we are. Consciousness, awareness, this ongoing immeasurable Presence includes each and all of us. No one and nothing is outside this Illimitable Light, this boundless River of Love. The Inner Light of us leads us aright. We open our heart and listen to our own innate knowing. Living up close, right next to Reality, we are willing to surrender to the Lover. In Love, embracing Life, we live and know Life’s perfect Balance, giving and receiving as this Love we are. Here we find peace and laughter, delighted by the Love that Life is. We feel the childlike joy and richness of who we are. In this sweet surrender we see there is no place to go and nothing to let go of. We have always been right here. Already in Love with this irresistible Lover that Life Is. We are willing, we give in letting Life take us. In this powerful union we feel this surging, vital energy of Life moving us. We surrender our Heart to this Love that is All That Is.