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“Ewe Know” by Sandy Jones

Whenever we feel ourself responding to life in a simple, heartfelt, pure, innocent, uninhibited childlike way – if even for the briefest moment – we have had an experience of genuine enlightenment. We have experienced the Holy Child, the Real of our self. The Child is the Light of Awareness, unencumbered and ours, here and now. It is our very own Immaculate Heart, untouched by the world of the indoctrinated, conceptual, limited thinking of the old man. Living from the fresh, pure spirit of the Child, It proves Itself Real to us. We know this is the true Soul of Love when we find It. We have no doubt as the Child brings us an unwavering Peace. The Child does not need to study or learn about enlightenment, it is already enlightened. It is here, awaiting our recognition. That’s It. That’s All we need to do. Even the smallest glimpse of the Child opens the door to the Light of Understanding. Take the Child’s hand and It will lead you aright. Step by step, you will be given all that is yours and all you need to know, fearlessly in love, as you travel your magical journey through this world of fanciful-fiction