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Trusting in our Original Nature and leaping into Life, that’s the living glory of genuine Love. Open to Life in all it’s infinitude, unbridled Joy moves through us, lifts us upward, carries us higher. We find ourself able and willing, alive with the wonders of this Divine Action we are. Our senses, like a child again, become acute to the beautiful and liberating realization of our own Infinity, here, in the sensuous experience of the finite. This new view is within the HeartĀ of us, balanced, agile, serene. Like an open portal, we are between time and our Timeless Totality. We are filled with joyful tears and laughter, upon the discovery of our pure and unbound Essence. Seeing our world through the eyes of eternity, we are fearless, steady and clear, fully and wholly free within ourself. We are the Living Evidence of this Illimitable Light, revealing there is no other Self than Life Itself. We are perfectly aware that this Identity we are is the Light of Life. The Light, everywhere at once, includes this marvelous experience this time-space world we are. In the wholeness of our Self, no one and nothing is outside of this exquisite Love we are.