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And we are given the Joyful freedom to Live It. The honest Heart of the Child is the Real of Us. It knows the ways of Life and Love. It knows that Love means to live and let live. Love allows us to let it be, let it be. It has no desire to control life and no need to change anything. We flow with this Faith that Lives as the Sweet and Powerful Beauty of Tao, the Life of All That Is. This childlike Way of being is simple, It clears the vision of our mind’s eye, or should I say, our mind’s “I”. We Live without fear, in this easy joy that sees this world with the eyes of wonder. We have set sail, moving softly, gently over the struggler’s nether view. This divine Child and It’s Way of Beauty is within all of us, right here, as the living Light of us, the very Life we are. We are the Magic of Life’s marvelous ongoing Love. Now, watching it all in joyful expectation of the glory that shines for us, right here, in unexpected ways. We are the Living Miracle happening. Our Spirit drifts untroubled upon the harmonious sounds of this Song of Something Wonderful