Posted by on Nov 20, 2019 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Your Choice

We have a choice. We have the option to look at life with the eyes of the Soul, from the Heart of Love and delight. We can choose to see the world from a childlike innocence of Joy and when we do, we will see our world radiant with that Light of Joy and Love. On the other hand, if we like, we are free to take ourself down into remorse, regret, guilt and darkness. We can dwell there if we want to. That’s because God is Love and Love is the very Identity we are. Love is Life Itself. Love is not controlling, Love is the freedom to do it our way, do whatever we want no matter what we have or don’t have, no matter the situations we are given, whatever they might be. Life says It’s your choice, between you and your Heart, your Life alone. Oh well, to love Life is so much easier and works so much better for everyone and everything in our Life. That’s why I love this wildly wonderful world of ours. It makes no difference to Life, this Unchanging Light of All That Is how or what I choose. So, for me, I choose to keep my heart open to It All, in love with Life and in love with the world and this Beauty I am. For me, It is a zillion times easier to Live in harmony with the happy chords of this Love Song Life is singing.