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“Autumn’ by Sandy Jones

One can find the Child within without having to read the pages of a holy book. We can find the Child, the innocent Self of ourself, without effort or study. We can find the Child without having the first conscious thought of God in our life. Oh, but when we rediscover the Child, uncover our Original unconditioned Beauty and carefree Heart, well then, the Child tells us of God quickly, so that even our most scientific, educated, reasoning intellectualism isn’t offended. And we know, heart to heart. And we live from the unobstructed view and we see the glory of the entire garden blooming in the light of unbound freedom. Individually we save our world. Right here, in our own heart and soul coming back to us. We come alive with our own Self Knowing and we become innovative, creative, spirited, fearless, and understanding. We know what Love is and Live from the Light of this Love. The Child is the Messiah discovered within our Self. That’s when we Know and know we know. That’s when we Live again, in our God given Freedom.