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“Floral in Pink” \

You feel the morning air, gentle and cool. You see the sparkling reflections of beauty dancing in the light of your own Identity. Here it is. It is you. You are the Beauty, right here, pure, unharmed, always you. You are Love, softly moving as this Unbound Wonder of this Infinite world we are. Life, right here being our untamed, unrestricted Soul that moves with the Infinite Light Divine. Feeling this Love, we let it take us, like a river, clear and pure surging through all that we are. Our Beauty is reflected here in the Heart as this expanse of Total Freedom. My my, my – Where does Life end? It doesn’t. It can’t. No, Life is All That Is and there is nothing outside of the Everlasting All. Impossible to even conceive of such a Mystery, yet we are the Child of this Mysterious Love. On this journey of tender, gentle joy, we feel warmed by the mystical embers burning peacefully, contently within. The realization of this Love keeps us open and easy with it all, no one to fight, nothing to get, nothing to lose. Merged with Infinity, we know we are already free, always all right, always were, always will be. We are this magical vision, glittering and gleaming as the Immeasurable Light of Something Holy.