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The adventure is You, it all happens within, we are the brave ones, we leap into this faithful Love we are. Then to watch the magic of this Mystical Light that is Here within You – the very Light that is in your eyes – this Light, right here. You are Already standing on Holy Ground. This All Knowing Beauty that You are Is Already being You. Be brave, trust Your Self. You are a Divine and Intelligent Self. This is the Self you have been since the beginning of time. Take the adventurous journey to find the Real of You, the Heart and Soul of You, your Pure Identity – the delightful, unique, unbound Self- the Self unharmed by time. The Light is You and Me and It is the Light of Love. It is the Living presence of Life itself. There is nothing outside of this Divine Mind, this Light of Identity, this Awareness Being You. Fearless Love is the Light of Life that fills us with the Living Joy. This Life is being All That You are, the unconditioned, pristine Self You Are. We are the Child, the Soul, the brave and curious Beauty fearlessly Living the Isness of this Light we are.