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The Way of Tao is found within us, through the pure Soul of us that sits next to Reality. We can find the one that the ancient Gnostics and the Greeks spoke of as the Christos, which is the Divine Light, the Original Knowing within us. The Child is the Holy Consciousness, the pristine Light and It is who we really are. We find our Self and we are resurrected, born again. The stone of guilt and fear is lifted from our heart and we come alive with this gentle Peace of genuine Innocence, as pure Love returns to us – flows through us- and into our world. Within the Light of this Self-Knowing, we live in the world, expressing as this innovative, creative, beautiful individuality. This Child is the same little boy or little girl you were, the one you thought you lost so many years ago. This tender Love we are returns and It is familiar, as if a dear friend has come home. The Child shows us all we need to know as we travel this convoluted maze of the world. The Child lives fully here, right up close to this Divine Presence of Awareness being all that we are. The carefree Child and the Tao move together in fearless freedom, with ease and grace, united in Love