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Watching this political warfare, the divine comedy playing out, we can enjoy this fine drama going round and round. Shakespearean delights, comedy and tragedy, unfolding schemes playing out perfectly. In childlike wonder I’m watching the allegory, the unfolding story of human government built on sand. The light of truth verses the foul greed of dishonest darkness. Who will win the battle? Will the culprits be revealed? Will the good guys win? This Child is enchanted, balanced upon the edge of her chair. Watching them all walking their pilgrimage, the single souls playing their part in this wild beauty of the final act. This play is full of deception, crime, murder, heroes, noble knights and cheering crowds, all this mayhem perpetrated by desire for power and control. Power over what? For what? Oh the joy and wit is sublime, the play is filled with delicious humor, presenting a joyful mirth, this drama is to enjoy. Watching it all like a movie, seeing it with the playful and irreverent mind that is not caught in this ensuing melee. How lovely this Life and Its Supreme Intelligence that never interferes – always just lets it be what it is. This is Love. We find our fearless freedom, living from the heart and soul that is Real. This Child is my pristine beauty, my soulful intoxicant, my safe haven, my laughter, my strength