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Blue Vase | Painting by Sandy Jones
“Blue Vase” by Sandy Jones

We playfully fall in love with this adventure of Life, we trust it all, we trust our tender and willing heart. The heart, the soul, the self of us, expands into the Blissful Wonders of Living Faith. We let the heart come undone, to come alive with Love. This Love is uncensored, without rules, unrestricted and untied from all the human mental conditioning of humanity that binds us with fear. Leaping into the Waters of Reality, we are anointed in Faith, immersed in the Living Magic. We are filled with joyful expectation and a childlike, excited curiosity. We watch to see what happens from this Creative and Boundless River of Beauty that takes us into Itself. Here, now trusting this Powerful Presence of our Self, we are awakened, touched by this expansive Love. Faith is fearless Love. Love is the Universe of you and me. We are filled with this boundless beauty, thriving in the Immeasurable Sanctity of our own vast, unbound Wonder and Mystery. You have dazzled me with your brilliant colors that Live in this wildflower field of my heart.