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“Floral Blues in Red” by Sandy Jones

When the Spirit of Love has opened our Heart to this Living Wonder within Us, we are filled with the Joy of Life. Self discovery is not about being a mental blank, living without a sense of our Self, being silent and wordless without a thought in our head. No, it’s quite the opposite. When we awaken to the realization of our divine heritage, our heart comes alive in the fullness of Love’s childlike joy and the sweet laughter of our own innocent delight. Real meditation is not about escaping Life, it is about Living Life peacefully and balanced through all kinds of noise and commotion going on around us. This Sweet Love can be found without having to sit still, or trying to subdue thought, erase every image, silence every sound, negate every emotion. We discover, uncover the Truth and realize that Love is easy, Love is our nature and the Light of Awareness is always right here, right now, as this Presence we are, as this very Knowing of Life Itself. Upon the recognition of this pure, pristine Soul of our Self, we come alive and Live to celebrate Love and Life. Now enjoying the beauty and harmony which assuredly includes a heart full of wonder – more wonders than we could have dreamed.