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“Ewe Know’ by Sandy Jones

Brilliant colors sparkling through the Holy Prism, rays of radiance from the Immeasurable Light. This entire Universe shines as the reflection of Divine Light. This Light of Life is being all that is. It is the very life of me and you. We can love and sing, play and soar in the untamed beauty of this fact that we exist. Divine Being is the Life of all that we are. This Universe ripples with Illimitable Love, moving gracefully upon the Holy Waters of Infinite Mind, never ending rings of shimmering Light. And as the little girl of Oz says “But it wasn’t a dream. It was a place. And you and you and you…and you were there.” This Life, this Love is not a dream. Identity is Real, Love is Real, It is the very Life we are, the Infinite Joy and Beauty we are. In the clarity of the morning light, with the heart open, you awaken to all the infinite wonder’s of you, right here, just as you are. Our Joy is the love of trusting Life. Life is Love, we need nothing more than to Live the Magic of this Love, just the way It is. In this Living Trust we see our world Is the evidence of God, like a wake behind an Unseen Ship. Open and fearless, we see this world pouring forth from the Divine Source. We are the experience of this Illimitable Wellspring of Love