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“Buttercups” by Sandy Jones

As kids, everything was fun, life was perfect just as it was. We played and laughed, giggled, fell down, bumped our knees and kept going. We lived it all, undaunted, open to the sweet adventure of Life. There was no thought concerning things as right or wrong, we just lived. We had no fear, we jumped in, open and alive, willing to see what happens. Somewhere along the line, we incorporate all kinds of ideals, images, concepts pertaining to judgements and rules. We start to compare and we begin to believe there is something we need do, so we struggle to achieve these artificial precepts. That’s where the Old Man takes over, he walks in and closes our Heart. The Old Man arrives, stuck, ridged, stubborn, unnatural and fearful. He sits in the Heart where Child once was and the wonderful world vanishes. Now the world appears grim. But, if we are willing, we let Love lead us back to the Child. The Child is both powerful and easy, the Child has no fear of mistakes and nothing to live up to. The Child, the bright Eternal Spirit of us, is open, trusting, curious, and filled with Light. When the Child returns, like magic, the Old Man vanishes in the Light of this Love. The Holy Child is reclaimed and Lives in our Heart again. The Child delights in this messy, wild, untamed, random, spacious, tangled beauty, right here, playing again in a wonderful world. All that Is, all that we are is Perfect Love – just the way it is. Perfection is the bountiful beauty we are and the childlike enthusiasm of a guileless Heart full of Love.