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Life, when we dig deep, is quantum. The photon of ordinary light connects to all dimensions and shines right here as the very life and light of you and me. This, the beauty of this wondrous world of infinite Miracles and Mystery, shines right before our very eyes. Even more, it shines right here in our eyes. The light, right here beaming from our eyes, is the unchanged light, the same light that remains a billion years in the past and is reaching us right now, and shines forever into the future. This same light is here, warming my heart. This light beams here in all the radiant, colors of the Living Presence. This Presence right here, is the Living Light of Eternity. Fantastic moments of this Living Magic never cease, and this, this is Love, this is Reality. This, this is the Love that moves all things. This Love lives as the Sweet Mystery of Forever, right here, everywhere at once, and in our eyes.