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For me, in my life, I got the best of it all. I married a man who loved me, took care of me and our children with such grace, and care. Our little family meant the world to him, just as it did to me. We lived in all the most beautiful ways. I loved his rebel nature, he was not attracted to the conventional programing of the world. He had some kind of heavenly insight that allowed him to do things his way. He trusted himself and I was lucky because I loved his ways, I trusted him too. He was magic. I loved his artistry of living. He was so peaceful, always letting others do what they do, he never needed to have things under control, yet he did all the things that made our life shine in Love’s superlative Light. A beautiful man he was. He gave me all the room and space to be the best I could be. I loved being his wife, I loved the whole entire journey with him. I loved being the mother of our three kids. No, I never worked, I didn’t need to, and I didn’t want to. I was so happy to be the princess at home, being the mother of those precious kids and being with my husband, always there for him. I was so very fortunate that he knew his own heart so well. He graced us all with his beauty, his charm and love. He did everything with ease, with joy, and without having to give up his life to work as a cog in the wheels of the system. We had freedom to travel, to play, to love it all – and yes, we did, we enjoyed it all. He was, I am sure, a divine gift to so many. He certainly came to me as a Light from this Greater Love watching over me. I got to be all that I wanted to be, in love with my husband and a devoted mother to our children. I got to have it all. And, with Love leading the way, as it always has – the Joy continues to unfold in a bounty of rich and unexpectedly glorious ways. I love you forever –