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“Flowers Swirled” by Sandy Jones

William Samuel brings us an honest message that leads us back to our own joyful liberation. His message comes from his own tried, tested and proven living experience. That makes his message Honest, Heartfelt and True, which allows us to find our bearings. We recognize our own unconditioned Identity, Illuminated by Clarity, which sets us free. When we find this freedom from fear, our world becomes a garden filled with blooming wonders. We see all Life as unfolding in its destined and joyful glory. The wonder is you. You are the Life and Light of Divine Intelligence. To find this abiding Peace, we come back to our Real Identity. We reclaim the Heart of the Child and Live again. We know how to live in the world, balanced, tender, open, in fearless Love. With the eyes of childlike Wonder we see our world bloom like a graceful wild flower garden and sweet honeysuckle magic in the air. Our freedom arrives in joyful elation as clarity, security and Love returns to us. If you you long for peace, abundance, balance and freedom from fear, read “The Child Within Us Lives!” by William Samuel. This remarkable book is filled with the Honest Light that leads us home. It is written for those who want to take a leap out of conceptual dogma and into their own Unbound Joy. We are awakened to wonders more marvelous than could be imagined. We live again, open, without fear, now to feel this boundless and eternal Love wherein we know without doubt, everything is all right.