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As simple, unjudging Awareness, we can watch it all with wonder and excitement like children standing on a high peak surveying the pounding surf below. The storm passes and the earth is refreshed. The Real remains untouched. — William Samuel —
Such an honest and powerful Light in those words. When I was a little girl, I loved to go down to the beach on stormy days. I would stand on the cliffs above the sea to feel the magnificence of it all. I liked to watch the huge waves crashing and feel the mystery of the dark ominous skies. Excited by the wild energy of the stormy weather, I loved the big, dark, silver-grey Pacific waters all churned in upheaval and turmoil. It was thrilling to feel the power of the surf slamming the rocks, water spinning and turning. The ocean rearranging the landscape of the sandy shore. The sky was heavenly glory, all mystical, moving and divine. The portentous, wintery clouds were trimmed in radiant, silver gleaming white, as the sun’s rays peeked through to create the beauty illuminated from within. The cold wind and the sounds of the sea, this holy symphony, my senses alive with this elation of my soul. Standing there in such powerful beauty, I would be enthralled with the majesty of it all. I was a child, I felt life. I felt it all. I felt my body almost blown off the cliff. I was not afraid. My arms were stretched out wide that I might catch the ride. Now, I have found this Child again, she has come alive -willing – more than willing – to feel Life fully. The beauty of Life, so powerful and magical is Here and we awaken to Live again.