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Love is right here, as the sweet carefree joy of life. We are here just to play, gentle and free. We are in Love, like kids at recess, lighthearted, enjoying it all. In the way of Love, kids don’t keep score, they have no rules, they live in the carefree divine, honest laughter of Life. Our Unbound Spirit is not in the business of trying to control Life, we let Love do the work. Life will do what it does, and do it just right. The fact that Life exists is because God is Faith. Faith is Life, Faith is lived – it’s not a faith ‘in something’ but Faith is the very Presence of Life Itself, Faith the Innocent Heart catches the current and we go higher. Drifting along on the warm breath of Life’s Love, feeling ourself moving in Love’s passionate beauty. Such is the Child, such is this fearless Love. The Child takes our hand and we are touched by the marvelous magic that whisks us upward, filling our heart with happy wonder.