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It’s really very simple and very easy. The Magic is Real. It’s just not always arriving in the way you think it should or wish it would. It arrives in ways that are so much better than you ever thought it could. Just watch, as it all falls into place, sooner or later, but it will. The perfect synchronicity, we are moving with Life, blended together, like the notes, the chords, the melody and harmony all creating one glorious love song. That’s Life, one glorious Love Song. Happiness shows up as we allow Life to unfold sweetly, to tenderly dance with us. It shows us all we need to know, if we open ourself and listen, feel the beat, get the rhythm. We find the Way. It happens, it is here, as this Divine Light that shines in our heart, It is the Bright Self of ourself. This Love Song will never leave us. This Glorious Song is the Beloved Beauty being all that you are. It is the pure joy that finds It’s way into our Heart, if we let it, if we are willing. I don’t know how or why, but it comes running toward us with open arms and it comes to dance with us. And we feel it, we know, we know we have always had the power of this Love. And it’s true, we do. And so, we boldly take It’s hand, and when we do – then the wonders begin – then a wellspring of Love pours It’s bounty into our Heart. The Holy Fountain is tapped and like champagne uncorked, we bubble in the joy and laughter, sparkling with sweet vivacious enthusiasm.