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Finding, or reclaiming the sense of our own unique, individuality is the surest way to bring honesty, beauty, light, happiness and sanity to our world. Seeing heaven on earth happens within each of us alone, through a change of Heart. Living in the wholeness of our Self, we see wholeness in our world. One by one, from the heart, alone, we take this journey back to ourself. We make this personal discovery of our real Identity. We dare to live it and we set ourself free. Returning to our Original Self, this Child opens the gate to the Meadow.  You are not finished, until you play in that Meadow and live there. You can, you know. But only you can take yourself there. The source of our authentic individuality is Love. Love, in the highest form, has no fear. Through a change of heart, we find ourself in direct communion with Divine Intelligence, Life Itself. We are each responsible for ourself only, living wholly true to ourself. This Wholeness of our Self is reflected in our world.  Real answers and genuine creativity blooms in honesty. It blooms when we know and live our divine heritage of Light as the very Soul of our Self.  Living Faith is powerful, this Love is sovereign, fearless, willing, and free. We come alive to the ongoing changes around us, we are resilient to Life, fully here with expectant Joyfulness. If you want to see the world around you filled with love, honesty and peace, then find your own noble Beauty within you – open your Heart and let this fresh, ever moving, living, pristine, expansive River of Life take you.